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Hi, I'm Marissa ✨

I'm a former Cisco product marketer turned experience designer seeking to create delightful, global innovations through strategic design. While at Cisco, I gained the confidence and trust to collaborate with senior leaders and present to large audiences, both physical and virtual, on an international scale. I treat each project I undertake as an opportunity to discover and bring out the best of humanity - for myself, my team, and the end user.

Currently re-learning my mother tongue and experimenting with home recipes.

In my:

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Sharp by Michelle Dean
The Unconsoled by Kazuo Ishiguro
Eat Drink Man Woman
by Ang Lee
by the Smithsonian
The BOF Podcast

🧰 creative survival kit

.35mm Muji pens
B4 unlined notebooks
Figma x Notion
Filmscore instrumentals

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