Who, then why, then what.

These are the three fundamental questions that I ask myself before I tackle any problem.

My journey has never been linear. I graduated with a degree in economics and global studies with a minor in Korean. My first job after college was in product marketing at Cisco as the subject matter expert for Webex Meetings. I discovered my love and passion for storytelling and filmmaking at Cisco, and I kickstarted a video series called Collaboration Corner to highlight our newest feature releases. While working as a product marketer, I was exposed to the world of design through my UX counterparts, and the rest is history!

I embrace ambiguity because that's where creativity can take charge. I am here to fill in gaps, to unveil the moments between the moments, to take a second look at deleted scenes.


I'm happiest behind a camera. 

I'm 1/2 Singaporean, which I guess makes me a Crazy (Not So) Rich Asian. 
I can't roll my r's (I did pass high school Spanish, somehow).

I read/write screenplays in my free time.

Dance is life!

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