Cisco Webex

I directed a high-level marketing video introducing Cognitive Collaboration, Cisco Webex's intelligent meetings solution set.
Product Launch, Enterprise Connect 2019
March 2019 (2 weeks)
Cisco Webex Meetings, Teams, Rooms
Webex product team, XLNS Films
Lead Product Marketer, Director, Producer
Product Marketing, Content Marketing


Machine learning, artificial intelligence, and natural language processing are up-and-coming fields in tech, but a stigma still remains around these new endeavors because of a lack of understanding and security concerns.


Cisco Webex Meetings is a global industry leader in video meetings, collaboration technology as well as security solutions. Our leadership position, loyal customer base, and proven track record made us a perfect candidate to test out new technology in the AI space.


Demographic: IT professionals, analysts
Primary countries: United States
Interests: Collaboration, conferencing, SaaS, machine learning, artificial intelligence


Develop a high-level marketing video to introduce the Cognitive Collaboration solution set to the public at Enterprise Connect, highlighting its benefits, ease of use, and integration into the larger Cisco Collaboration product suite.

Introducing Cognitive Collaboration

Powering better meeting experiences

The Future is Cognitive

The Cognitive Collaboration product and solutions launch was one of the biggest launches our team had ever worked on that expanded across print, digital, experiential, and OOH marketing. It was also one of the most important launches for the team because it signaled our business’ shift to focusing on emerging fields like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing.

People Insights for Webex Meetings

My leadership commissioned a second video, after the success of the first high-level video, to dig deeper into the details of the People Insights feature. I also wrote the script, recorded the on-screen voiceover for this video, and worked together with the product and UX teams to compile the correct screens. The video was featured in a stand-alone blog on to introduce the feature to the general public.

Grace under pressure.

Despite the stress, chaos, and time constraints, I'm so grateful that I was able to work on this project. It's wonderful to see that my work is still being promoted almost a year after launch. My three years at Cisco were the most formative years of my life so far because I had to mature very quickly. Working at Cisco taught me how to manage stress, manage people (even people higher up than me), take criticism and feedback positively, rise up from setbacks, and move forward with confidence.

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