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I worked with CVS Health to reimagine as the primary destination for health solutions for stakeholders, enterprise audiences and consumers. Over the course of 7 months, our team completed a full site redesign and delivered a comprehensive component toolkit to assist developers in their build.

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Experience Designer




Nov 2021 - May 2022

01  |   Overview

Redesigning as the primary destination for health solutions.

key audiences

We targeted our redesign to address the needs of four key audience groups: Reporter, Informed Consumer, Caregiver, and Job Seeker.

  1. Reporter: Wants to easily find the latest news from CVS Health
  2. Informed Consumer: Interested in the latest healthcare business news
  3. Caregiver: Interested in finding convenient health & wellness solutions for their family
  4. Job Seeker: Wants to learn if CVS Health is the right fit for them as an employee
Experience principles

Based on competitive analysis, business priorities, and user needs, we identified five core experience principles to augment in our site redesign.

  1. Storytelling: The effectiveness of communicating the brand in engaging and comprehensible ways
  2. Navigation: Organizing large amounts of content in a meaningful and understandable manner
  3. Content: Using content in relevant and sensible ways, and creating a system of discoverability
  4. Audiences: Identifying and speaking clearly to a range of audiences, ensuring the proper context and delivery of value
  5. Interconnectivity: Creating awareness of larger digital ecosystems and driving to other sites and touchpoints where necessary
02   |    solution

Prior to the start of this redesign, our team had developed a new digital design vision playbook for CVS Health.

This playbook documented early explorations into potential evolutions of CVS Health's brand system concerning color, typography, UI, and other visual treatments.

We evolved this initial vision work into a modular system of components that could create a variety of page templates to flexibly meet the needs of CVS Health.

The full site redesign was completed in five three-week design sprints, prioritizing global navigation, homepage design, page template hierarchy, media resources, and a custom newsroom.

Each sprint followed the same process -- feature prioritization, sketching, wire framing, accessibility review, and visual design.

03   |   Handoff

We delivered an annotated Component Toolkit to guide the development of the site redesign.

This component toolkit later served as the foundational basis for the beginning of an additional site redesign for another CVS subsidiary brand.

04   |   The team

Aaron Kelly

Associate Creative Director

Angel Mendieta Moreno

Associate Experience Designer

Kyle Parkinson

Creative Director

Eric Simonson

Associate Creative Director, VD

Sherry Kuo

Design Director

Victoria Pajaujis

Experience Strategist

+ many more

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